Monday, April 2, 2012

Friends and Fabric

This is one of Miss Millies friends that I finished stitching yesterday after spending the afternoon in the company of friends, old and new, admiring the gorgeous quilts of the very talented members of Essendon Quilters.

No pictures to show as there were reminders everywhere that it was not acceptable to post them on any media so you'll just have to believe me when I say the work was exceptional.

The photo was taken inside so that is just a shadow not some ugly mark on the side of her face.

I just have no control when I see gorgeous fabrics in these settings so indulged and purchased this bundle of gorgeous bite sized pieces from Corliss of Threadbear in Castlemaine and one of the vendors selling their wares at the show.

There was No Mother to lead me astray!
Hope you are enjoying a little gorgeousness about now.


Fiona said...

I was very jealous of you all at the show... would have loved to met with all of you...

Anonymous said...

lovely stitching Mistea,and how good was it to meet with blogger friends,lucky you.xx

Shay said...

Well hello Miss Millie's friend. Pleased to meet you.

How could you possibly go to a quilt show and not buy some fabric. It would be practically criminal not to !

marina said...

your stitchery looks fabulous. How did you sneak that fabric in your bag without showing us all on Sunday? Lovely choice!
The fabric loveliness was very tempting.