Thursday, June 30, 2011


That's the name of my little dog.

And she want's to go and meet some bears at the picnic today

She was created by Lesa Cowin of Lesa's Bears and I was fortunate enough to adopt her at a bear show in Berwick a few years ago.

She is such a sweetie and has glass beads in her belly making her very pose able. She is bringing her bone and hopes that someone will join her in a game of fetch.

To see who else is picnicking today check with our hostess Melody.

Lucky is testing a new project I am working on - will reveal the finished items soon.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunny Thursday.

Okay so now it is Friday and Blogger has finally decided that I am allowed to play again so I am sharing this now, We really were out picnicking in the sunshine Thursday.


Melody said...

Hooray, I can finally leave a comment. Blogger has been very mean lately. As a dog lover and a bear lover I can't think of a better combination. Lucky is adorable. Thank you so much for coming on the picnic.

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh Lucky is adorable....and I love the color he is posing on!!

marina said...

what a lovely dog. Love the sleepy looking eyes.

elliek said...

Yeah it wasn't only me! I love your doggie... he is just adorable. Has those puppy eyes that make you melt.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lucky is just so sweet. I hope he doesn't fall asleep at the picnic and miss all the fun.

Cynthia L. said...

Lucky is so sweet! His sleepy eyes make me want to put him on my lap and pet hime till he falls asleep.

Can't wait to see what you are creating with the lovely yarn.

Shay said...

Oh Lucky -you're a sweetie.

I do hope you found a friend to share your bone with. I wonder what Mistea is making ?