Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There's a bear in there!

I got a surprise package today... This is Brown Bear Junior, an authentic bear from the Russ collection and he came to live at my place. I'm not sure how he will fit in as most of the bears in my collection are handmade by me and not very traditional at all. He is very sweet and the most gorgeous chocolate brown colour. Not much happening in the sewing room here as the day job is still eating big chunks of my time. May your days be filled with creativity. Happy Crafting


Catherine said...

What a distinguished fellow your bear is!! Don't you just hate how our day jobs take over sometimes!! Cathy

Ellice said...

Hi Mistea,

I have just finished looking at your blog (some of it anyway), and I love the stuff I have seen so far, I hope mine turns out to be as interesting.

I love the teddy, and I am sure he (?) will find the right place to sit