Thursday, June 25, 2009

Such a Lot of Goodness

The post people very generously delivered a package today - and this is what it contained. Look at all that gorgeous fabric and thread... even a ready wound bobbin, I haven't checked yet but I'm thinking it will fit my trusty Nomee. There are also two very beautiful cards, which you can see in the bottom right of the photo and a crochet doily which is just visible at the top of the picture. This gorgeous package came to me all the way from Donna at Kindred Crafters in Canada, as I won a giveaway celebrating their 100th post earlier this month. I certainly feel very spoiled by all this goodness and next week is holidays so I should get some time to have a play. There has been some stitching going on in the evenings here while I have snuggled under my quilt to stay warm, winter is definitely making its presence felt. Happy Crafting

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Jindi's Cottage said...

You are very spoilt with such lovely goodies. Well won!