Sunday, April 26, 2009

A good way to spend Sunday Afternoon

So what do you get when you take some of this, and some of these??
I spent the afternoon today at a friends house with 5 other like minded crafters and we had lots of fun creating these...
Every 45 mins we had a new challenge.. the categories were very broad and we were able to create whatever style of card we liked. The above is my creation from the card using scrapbook papers, you could use whatever other items so long as it included the requirement of the challenge.
This one is from the 'card in a colour you do not normally use' category. I always do bold so I played with pastels and while it is difficult to see the detail in the photo, it is quite a pretty card.
These two are gift cards, that was the only requirement here.
We had a lovely afternoon and achieved several cards each, I like the idea of sharing resources in this kind of activity, the company was good and of course there was plenty of food to eat.
Hope your weekend was a productive one.
Happy Crafting

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