Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Check this out

Okay, so I have been for another tour of cyberspace, thought I'd check some things before getting down to serious business - I am going to make the sewing machine do some work today! I got the trees sewed down on the Home applique yesterday and am busy making plans about other appropriate elements to include like the car and truck which were always a feature in the front yard. What do I want you to check out, well go here and see the cute doll and enter the giveaway - she is up for grabs and I have to say now that I have won something in cyberspace I am a very happy traveller. Oh and check out the other really cute things she has been making. Hope your week is going well! Happy Crafting


clare's craftroom said...

Thanks I'll go check it out now .

shelia said...

congrats on your win...know i'll go see if i can win...thanks for letting me know!