Friday, December 5, 2014

Knitting all the things

The yarn from last week did not get to rest in the balls for long, I made a start on my new vest on the weekend.
So far I think knitting is a much better match for this yarn than crochet.
Pic right after I changed to the circular for the main pattern
Knit in one piece to the armhole makes for some long rows but the ribbing went quickly and I crammed all the stitches onto my Casein straight needles, what a luxury to knit with these lovely needles. 

Tumbleweed by Jennifer Thompson
I love the cables and the little 3D bobbles (I know you can't see them very well here), and the asymmetrical design. You can only see the right front here but the pretty marker identifies the 'side seam', it buttons up on the left side and that is where most of the cable detail is on both the front and back. I'm a little further along than this now but haven't updated the picture as this yarn is difficult to capture in artificial light.

My slippers are finished, except for a few stray ends! Oh sure they are conveniently tucked out of the way in this picture.
Excuse the weird sun tan stripe!
There was plenty of reversing up on these, mostly as my feet are just large in all the places. The finished slippers fit well and do not work their way off my feet when walking around which is better than I've achieved in the past when making slippers without a strap.

Joining in with the ladies stitching up their Friday night, (FNWF tonight), planning to finish the socks on the needles and put the finishing touches on a sewing project or two. We'll see how that goes?

Enjoy the sun in your creative space today.


Christine M said...

How cute are your slippers!

mamasmercantile said...

I love the slippers they are a real delight.

Maria said...

such sweet slippies.. me thinks you need to tan the whole foot.LOL