Friday, November 28, 2014

A lot of Knitting and little Unpicking!

The combination of delightful yarn and relaxing pattern made this shawl a quick knit (or maybe I just become obsessed making stitches with all those pretty colours).
While some of the last rows felt like they took forever, they ate the yarn and it was all done rather quickly.
I used the pretty natural shade for the edging and love the contrast in both colour and texture.

Mystery Benefactor - design by Kelly Brooker

Main body of shawl in Sweetgeorgia Merino silk - deep cove colourway and border in Fleece Artist Merino Angel a wool/mohair/nylon mix

New socks for the Mother for Christmas (and not even December yet). 
With a lovely lace design on the legs and

a pretty cable on the heel. 
The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Athena which is a gorgeous silk/wool mix and has the most luxuriant feel. The pattern is a lovely design by Qianer - Corn Mint Leaves socks.

After looking at the tunic I made earlier this year and figuring there was no easy fix for it I undid it  and will repurpose the yarn into something that fits. I'm hoping to cast this one on this weekend if I manage to get one more thing finished today!
Bendigo woollen mills - Stellar in the Red coral colourway

It hasn't only been about the yarn but I don't have any evidence of the sewing stitches, I will remember to take photo's while the sun is out soon.

Wishing you sunshine in your craft space.


Christine M said...

Your shawl is lovely Mistea. I love the purple socks too.

Fiona said...

gorgeous shawl and socks.... Unraveling can be a pain but it's better than living with something you don't like...

Shay said...

How disappointing you had to unravel a whole project - but Im sure it'll will morph into something else that is equally as beautiful when inspiration strikes you!

Have not even started my Christmas list yet and here you are with a finish !!!

Anita said...

Obsessed? Oh no...I don't believe it. lol. It is a lovely pattern and those socks are pretty awesome too.
Happy knitting.
Cheers, Anita.

karen said...

love the socks and the shawl! So much knitting time involved with both :) And I am admiring the unpicking of knitting as well- phew, I bet that took a while.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Very pretty shawl...and socks but um excuse me, December 1 and a present done, who are you and what have you done with T????