Monday, December 8, 2014

The Late report

Friday night I worked my needles alongside all the other FNWF participants.

First up there was some finishing: The Pink Layna socks were so close, after some mid week social knitting that most of the knitting was completed while waiting for dinner to cook.
This is a good representation of the gorgeous Cerise colour.
After dinner all that was required was the grafting of the toes. Yay, nice new socks all ready for next winter.

Next up was the finishing touches on a sewing project that has been taking more time than is necessary - I got to play in the button tins, looking for just the right ones to adorn the bags that I have been sewing.
Always fun playing with buttons - even if sometimes frustrating when all my first choices turned out to be the wrong size.

Look All Done.

These bags are a good size and quite useful for lots of things but especially -  

for toting giant balls of yarn with attached projects. 
These two bags were gifted to knitting friends Saturday.

After all that finishing there was time for a few rows on my vest which is edging towards the armhole where I get to divide off the fronts and back, when I will get a clearer picture of the design. I'm eager to see how this will look done. Need to knit faster!
Tumbleweed by Jennifer Thompson

The little green knitting is the beginning of The Fathers Christmas sock, lots of knitting to get done in the next couple of weeks, but I think I will make it this year. Oh, and its the yarn from the previous picture it really is a lovely pine green colour not this washed out grey/green.

I hope everyone had a successful Friday night and a pleasant weekend.


mamasmercantile said...

Wow, you really have been busy, love the socks. I was so impressed with the bags they were beautiful, I loved the fabric.

Christine M said...

You have been busy, Mistea. I love playing with buttons too. Although I never seem to have just the right ones I need!

Fiona said...

ooh I love that cerise colour of your socks.... the bags look great for the wool... its fun in buttons but I always spend so long choosing one!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful things coming off and going on your needles! Lovely bags too x

kymann said...

So productive. I love love buttons too. There is just something so nice about a big tin of buttons x

Jantine Urban said...

Great bags, what pattern did you use!