Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spots and flowers

It didn't take a whole week to finish the project I was working on last time I was here. I even got the photo within a couple of days, as I had gifted it without taking a pic. (That's what happens when I do things at the last minute.)
Pretty fabric for bag lining
So the little splash of blue crochet on the edge of the photo last time was the clue. Around two years ago I made a similar craft bag for myself in purples, which led to a lot of crochet spots being made, including these blue ones. It helped that I was commuting on public transport daily and these little spots were very portable. I sewed the spots together and completed the bag a little while ago.
Another long term project completed but there are more where that one was hiding, as well as some others that I found while searching for the fabric, (that I may or may not have neglected to remember) - no chance of running out for quite some time. On the positive side some of these old projects are almost done so there may be a few quick finishes or not?
A pretty rose that grows right next to the railway line to brighten the day of all who pass. Needed a little brightening up today as the sky has been dark and gloomy.
Hope there's sun in your creative space this week.


Fiona said...

love the blue spot bag....
clever with the rose picture...

katherine said...

It looks fantastic and I love the fabric liner as it is a perfect match.

Charlie and Wendy said...

The bag is beautiful, a perfect use of your spots!