Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sock yarning

Even though it's officially spring, I'm still knitting socks.
The first of the burgundy socks is almost at the toe, these have been going slow mostly because they have become the car socks so I get a few rows in everyday when the traffic flows nice and I took it to craft group this week.
I cast on the second of the blue socks last night and got the band half done,  being sport weight it grows quickly.
This week I've started a new book, and started is all, less than ten pages! I've ascertained the story is set around young men leaving for war. The print is really small which could hamper my progress as I mostly read late at night.
Joining the Yarn Along today.
Hope your Thursday is colourful.


Donna said...

One can never have too many socks!

Fiona said...

still need socks in spring!!

Shay said...

Yep- that cold weather is still happening down here so socks are still needed !

nicole said...

Those socks are looking good!
The pink socks I'm knitting are in sport weight and I feel like they are going super slow! Kinda scaring me to think about trying 3ply ha ha!!

Anita said...

lol I'm a bit like you, it doesn't have to be winter for one to knit. Love it all year round!!!
Cheers, Anita.

arwen_tiw said...

I have sock envy. :D

karen said...

Well here we are approaching fall and sock knitting is perfect. So pretend you are in PA :) Lovely knitting!

linda said...

It's seems strange you talking about spring and we are going in to Autumn, when one has a passion it doesn't matter what season it is it still has to be indulged haha. I have started knitting my first pair of adult socks! I'm enjoying it so far but there's no saying I will manage to finish them but fingers crossed. :)

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

I have a pair of socks in the needles...a project that needs finishing, and I think the cooler, rainy weather here in wester WA is just the incentive (along with your post) that I needed. :) Lovely sock knitting, as always!