Sunday, September 29, 2013

Because I can

A fellow craft friend gave me a bag of cotton/acylic mix yarn recently, asking if I could use it. Never one to refuse a little yarn in pretty colours, I brought it home to play. I really wanted to try another summer hat pattern but it just wasn't working and while this yarn is mercerised it is just a bunch of individual threads together making it splitty. The tight tension required of the hat was not working, too many threads to get caught on the hook.
Not good colour but pretty yarn - oh yeah after I got underway!
Next idea a cute little summer slipper, well that is not what the pattern intended it to be, it's made from a mix of alpaca and silk - decadent for slippers, but is what mine will turn into. This statement reminds me of a conversation I had recently about the intentions of designers and whether as crafter's it was okay to make things our own. We concluded it was but are also aware of a segment of the community who wouldn't dare deviate from the original design materials.
The one on the left was the first attempt, the one on the right has me modifications
There have been issues and much reverse crochet but it really is a cute slipper and I think they may even stay on my feet, especially when they get the cute little strap.
Nearly done
So I spent Saturday sitting with the hook in hand and cuppa close by to work on these, they were quick and while not yet done they will be soon.
This is almost done - though there was some reversing after this picture

As I haven't used all of the yarn from the bag, there are other colours in there which may or may not follow suit?
Hope you're enjoying a little Sunday sunshine in your space.


barb's creations said...

Cute slippers, I'm like you and change things around to suit me if I need to with patterns :) Barb.

Melody said...

Very pretty

katherine said...

Gorgeous slippers! I believe in making adjustments to patterns all the time lol. Sometimes it is to make it my own and other times it is to leave out elements I don't particularly like.

Anita said...

Very clever and what
a great idea to use that
Cheers, Anita.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Alpaca and silk - yum! how soft and luxurious is that...very Arabian Nights looking slippers and luxurious yarn perfect!...the modifications certainly make for a better fit/shape slipper...
Ha ha the verification number is my year it must know something!! he he he

Fiona said...

I do like the look of those slippers... very pretty....

Shay said...

Gorgeously decadent slippers. Another winner has come off your hook.

I rarely follow patterns but when I do Im happy to deviate if it doesnt make sense or I think I can do it an easier way.