Friday, May 31, 2013

Ooh Nice!

My Chocolate Jacket is all sewn up with the buttons on and all.
Drops Aline jacket 103-1 in Moda Vera Alice - chocolate
Made entirely from stash materials, with just a little donation. I remembered that I had previously made a vest for a craft group friend from this yarn and had returned the leftovers to her as she supplied the yarn. I asked nicely and she found her part ball and gave it back to me. Perfect, though now I do have some leftovers, I'm thinking there may be enough for a matching hat?
Found buttons in the vintage stash in a matching colour in the correct size - not three the same but I am very happy with them.
Okay, here are some modelled shots (so not good at photographing garments on myself) to give you an idea of the fit. (disregard the turn up at the hem, I'm working on that)
I knitted the three quarter sleeve, as I as unsure of how far the yarn would stretch, but I really like the where they fall.
I may need to add a stud on the inside to maintain alignment of the front pieces.
The collar is fun and cleverly constructed with just a little sewing. No need for a scarf with this one.
It wasn't all about the jacket this week.
I completed the second sock, too. Just in time for todays deadline.
Two Horse Hitch Socks by Ann Podlesak in Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury colour brick
I took them to the beach for a photo shoot as it is very wet outside here and the sun is usually gone before it dries out.
Very happy with how these turned out, now to gift them.
All this finishing means I have empty needles and will have to remedy that situation soon.
What to cast on next?
The end of the week and the end of another month - Lots of possibilities and creating in company this weekend.

Hope your's is a creative one too.


Christine M said...

Two great finishes Mistea!

marina said...

well done,
A new jacket for a special Sunday outing?

Fiona said...

The jacket looks great.... and lovely socks too.... I'm sure you will find something quite quickly to get the needles clicking again...

katherine said...

Your knitting looks fantastic!

Cardygirl said...

Looks fabulous!

Ana BC said...

This was a very productive week! and these are wonderful projects. Congratulations :-)

linda said...

Lovely jacket, you have had a very busy month, I love all the socks you make! :)

Shay said...

Love that cardy. Seriously gorgeous. Those socks are bright and cheerful too!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your jacket is gorgeous, love your socks too!!