Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Mother made me!

I Spent a lovely afternoon with The Mother at AQC today.
We looked at all the amazing quilts and decided that there are some people out there with those special clocks that give extra hours - lots of exquisite work and lots of little pieces of fabric.
The 12x12 collection of quilts was beautiful up close.
All the pics here are from the art quilt section - sorry I didn't get the makers details, but most of them were advertised by the organisers before the event.

This lady is taller than the main body of the quilt and totally looked like an admirer
The sense of depth in all of these captured my attention - it was hard to know where to look there was so much detail in all of these, created by the different techniques employed.
Totally thread painted kitty - Cute

Thursday evening saw me once again distracted by my hook and these yarns. Fortunately these did not add up to a great amount of yarn so it was a quick to finish project - I need a little instant gratification sometimes.
Inspired by a doily I started playing with different stitches and made a decorative top.
Then I added sides to make this slouchy beanie style hat. 
Best bit - no pattern reading required.
Back to the other projects now - I am on the leg of the sock and the design is working up nicely, the coloured bobbly piece has grown too.
While I saw all the lovely stitchy sewing things today, I am definitely in a woolly creating phase, I was not tempted to buy anything. Shocking I know!
Have a wonderful Sunday doing what makes you happy.


Heather said...

Thanks for showing these amazing quilts! Yes it would be lovely to have the time to do something like this.

Fiona said...

Lovely to see those quilts... a special kind of art... love your slouchy hat - great colours...

marina said...

what beautiful quilts. Particularly love the cat, you could almost reach out and pat him.
wow you didn't buy a thing?
I suppose if you don't need anything, you don't need anything.

Christine M said...

Those quilts are quite amazing. What a lovely way to spend the day with your mum.

Melody said...

I can't make it to the show this year so it was fabulous to see some quilt pics. Thank you.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of those beautiful art quilts. Would have been great to see them. Love your slouchy beanie hat.

Jindi's Cottage said...

The second quilt pictured always captures my attention when I see it hanging, it is just amazing...looks like it was a good day way to make a new hat playing with different stitches...

Jindi's Cottage said...
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katherine said...

You have seen some lovely quilts. I went and picked up my mum today and took her to a knitting, spinning and felting thingy on in Echuca. Lets just say she is now back into spinning and has sent me home with one of the wheels and some old tops to practice on. I think Dad nearly died when he seen two bags of fleece smelling up his new ASX lol.

Shay said...

Amazing quilts. Im in awe of people who can take fabric and make it look like a picture or photograph.

Gorgeous slouchy hat . Love the colours and the way it turned out. Autumn hit with a vengeance here last week so Im just about to find my beanies and woolly hats !