Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One up, one down

Socks that is
The red sock is knitted from the cuff down and I am on the foot, the purple and green sock is knitted from the toe up and I am on the leg.
I can't decide which of these two I like best so they are both getting some attention.
The green and purple sock is about learning a new technique and I really like the way they are coming together. 
The design begins again on the heel to go all the way up the back of the leg which is lovely.
SanJaun free sole sock by Anna Zilboorg
 This one has a deadline but I think they should both be completed by then so I'll just keep doing a bit of each.
Two Horse Hitch design by Anne Podlesak
 Wishing you cosy toes.


Cheryll said...

You are amazing!!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow you must have the best dressed feet around Tracy.xx

Charlie and Wendy said...

Both socks look lovely, I think I especially love the red one. Wendy xx

Fiona said...

both pairs are lovely.... I thought maybe you were making each sock from both ends and then joining in the middle..... you can tell how much I know about sock making!

Heather said...

The socks look great and love the colours.I love to have a pair like that for winter, especially the purple and green!

Shay said...

Your knitting is just like my quilting. I can never work on just one thing at a time !

They look so lovely and warm. Perfect for the chill thats crept in over the last few weeks

katherine said...

They look fantastic! I love the pattern on the red one and the colour combination on the other. It would be very hard to choose what socks to wear at your place.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

It's always nice to learn a new skill...those socks are very nice. It's been a while since I knit a pair of socks, and I've never done a pair toe up; will have to add that to my list. :)

COSMO said...

I always loved socks, but never had time to learn it. But I can appreciate your great work:). And the two color one, I would never have courage to do it.
Keep knitting:)