Saturday, March 2, 2013

Flitting on Friday Night (with friends)

Lots of unravelling happening around here lately.

There was some progress and a finish - twice.

Yes, I finished this purple version of the Hermione hearts Ron hat twice. After I bound off the first time I noticed that I had dropped a stitch five rows back and now I had a big hole where three more rows had unravelled! Undone - picked up and finished again.
All done now.

This purple hat pattern has been calling out for some attention this week and I thought a little hooky action may be just what I needed considering how much unravelling of my knitting has been going on here this week.
Charleston Cloche by Kim Guzman
The blue yarn was the beginning of some knitting which Miss13 was doing when she was here last year - as it was the right weight for this pattern I thought I'd give it a try - totally unsuitable yarn! Unravel.

Moving right along - look another purple hat pattern.
This time some pretty grey and a little blue, oh the square worked just fine without any unravelling. Only three more to make.

Granny Square Beanie by Lisa Gentry
 Hope your Friday night was more successful.

Today it was off to my local knitting group where I worked on my new sock, but I don't have a picture of it yet because all the one's I have taken so far are really out of focus!! I started at the toe again and am up to the instep shaping and really liking the design. I promise I'll show a picture soon.
Have a wonderful Creative Sunday.


Anthea said...

Mistea what a frustrating time, all that unravelling & re-doing. The finished one is really great, if that's consolation... x

marina said...

love that first beret, shame you have had to do so much unravelling.
If you're not happy with it there is no other choice.
Are you preparing a stash of hats for winter?

Jindi's Cottage said...

Reverse annoying as reverse sewing...ugh! At least there was a finish in amongst all that unravelling...hope the needles and hook stop their mucking around and start behaving nicely again...

Christine M said...

It was well worth undoing the knitting as your hat looks great. If you hadn't, it would have always annoyed you.

Val Spiers said...

It is such a pain when you don't see the mistakes straight away. The hat pattern is really nice and I love the square. Your yarns are gorgeous.

Sisbabestitches said...

Gorgeous hat, and gorgeous almost hat :) Glad you stuck with both the forwards and backwards knitting :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

Patience of a would be in the corner if it was me. It looked gorgeous in the end though.

Ana BC said...

Sorry about the unraveling...but all your projects are looking nice

katherine said...

Its a pain to have to unravel so much work but it is well worth it sometimes. Love your knitting and I am just starting to feel the need to pull out my needles too.

Shay said...

Despite all the unravelling I think your finish is stunning.

Here's hoping you have a week where every stitch falls in the right place and stays there!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Gorgeous hat, it was worth all the trouble!