Thursday, March 19, 2009

Craft show and progress

I had a very pleasant, if wet day, at the Stitches and Craft show on Saturday. I met the mother and sister in law for some serious girl time, but as I was too busy catching up I did not take any photo's. I liked the new concept and the space was big enough that we were able to get around easily and see everything, the variety of stalls and displays was fab. I played button bingo and won a bag of buttons, that was a lot of fun. The hands on spaces in the main hall were very busy and it was good to see people trying out new crafts, or just taking some time out to practice what they may already have some experience at. The highlight for me would have to be seeing all the selvedge projects in real life, oh and of course all the other amazing creations of the ladies in the indie crafts row. My purple ladies stitchery had an unexpected visit with some relatives at the Homespun stand, which turned out okay as there were no retailers with purple fabrics like I am looking for anyway. I only purchased two fat quarters and they have already been used, one is the blue which appears as binding on the following projects. The last two easter themed stitcheries became a fabric postcard and a needle book.
This is a progress shot of my cross stitch project, the stand where I purchased this kit five years ago still had the incomplete sample displayed at the show. Taking another look at the almost complete version though made me want to get it finished now! I am still working on it regularly but have been making time for the rabbits which are still multiplying and in various stages of production, maybe I will get some completed today.
Hope your week has been filled with crafty pursuits.
Happy Crafting


Leah said...

I saw your purple stitched block at the show!! I thought it looked familar. Wow thats great.

Lurline said...

Love your stitcheries, and yes, you really must finish your beautiful cross stitch - a lot of work, I know!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Purple Paisley Patch said...

I love those chickies, they are soooooo cute!