Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Poppy and Miette

My interpretations of these excellent patterns.

I'm very happy with the Poppy socks and have the first one ready to start the leg. I cast on the second one and love the different look of the colours in the opposite places. This pattern is written for a negative/positive sock and it works perfectly with this yarn as I have an equal quantity of both. 
Poppy Socks by Anna Zilboorg from Knitting Socks from around the world
My cardigan is coming along nicely too, the knitting is easy. After increasing the length of the body I am up to the final pattern, I understand it is hard to see with all that fur, before the lower band. Maybe I do like fat needles and yarn after all. (Probably just as well considering there are a few more jackets worth in the cupboard!)
Miette (with extra length) design by Andi Satterlund
I am still waiting for the pattern to transform the pretty pink yarn pictured last week, it should be here by the weekend. I'm all ready to cast on again.
This week I am reading 'The boy in the moon' by Kate O'Riordan. An interesting and tragic novel dealing with family relationships across generations. A tale formed around a small number of key life events, it explores the individuals reactions while exploring their past experience.
Joining the yarn along this week for more yarn inspiration.
Hope the sun is shining in your creative space.


Sarah Ronchetti said...

LOVE the poppy socks, and that they will be opposite each other!

Shay said...

I totally love the idea of having a positive and negative sock . Sheer brilliance.

And your cardy is coming along nicely. If I was doing that it would already be stuffed in a cupboard somewhere (notice I havent been talking about my infinity scarf lately!)

Fiona said...

as always fun and interesting socks... I like the different patterns... the cardy is taking shape nicely too!

Anita said...

I all your knitting you're doing. That sock pattern looks pretty incredible!! That book sounds like a good read too. Have you read a book called "A boy named It"? by Dave Pelzer...that'll chip away at your heart strings.
Cheers, Anita.

Cheryll said...

LoVe watching your knitting adventure and seeing what you make. Thanks for your help yesterday too! I AM looking for yarn this week to make a start! :)

Farm Gate Creations said...

Still loving your socks.

steph said...

anna zillboorg is one of my favorite sock designers!!! love these!!!

katherine said...

Those socks look fantastic!

EMMA said...

WOW, amazing socks.

Ana BC said...

Those socks look difficult to make, but I am sure worth the effort