Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More squares

and a little white hat?
After the success of the last batch of polka dot squares I started playing with some different colour combinations - Very cheerful indeed. Making my daily commute a happy occurence.
At NCB tonight I started a new project because I could - that would be the white one.
I am making progress on the book 'Refuse to Choose' and it makes perfect sense. Lots of useful information and exercises to keep those of us who like to do lots of different things busy doing what we love most in the current. My favourite quote so far has to be 'Boredom makes my brain hurt.' Probably why I spend half my day at my current paid employment plotting and planning new projects, oh and writing my Christmas lists.
Joining in at the yarn along mostly because I like to see what everyone else is working on.
Wishing you smooth stitches in your space this week.


Karen said...

Seriously - those are adorable dots.

The hat looks rather cute as well


Maria said...

Go Girl!!!

Shay said...

It looks like the commute time is being put to great use. I cant believe all the stuff you've managed to knock out lately. You're on fire and it's all so pretty.

I'm suffering from terminal project-itis lately. I've been working on 10 things at once for weeks and always have three more project ideas in my brain bursting to come out.

marina said...

Love those polka dots. If you want some more colours let me know I have a box of cottons that are not being used.

Cybele's patch said...

Lots of lovely crocheting projects here. The purse is beautiful and Santa is just cute.
Great quote too!