Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Almost December 1

So I did what Santa does and called in the paid help when I realised how late I was with this swap.

A cheerful fellow too, as well as a great help.

All sorted and off to June - hope the mail people get their skates on and get this lot delivered super fast.

Fortunately June had a similar problem with 'Flying November' and I received a starter package from her today. (I did send her a similar package last week so she has something to open come December 1st.)

How cool is that a little package for everyday in Advent? 25 surprises all for me.

Thanks June and thanks to Fee for organising this amazing swap.

Have a wonderful week - mine is soon to get much better with all these goodies.


Maria said...

what a lovely pile of christmas gifts.
I am so looking forward to opening my first gift.
So much fun getting all the gifts organised.

Shay said...

Having advent gifts to open just makes December even more special. Love that pile of surprises!

marina said...

how wonderful to have a little surprise each day!
November did just fly!