Sunday, November 7, 2010

A day out

This looks like the place.

The speaker was the entertaining Jodie.

Is it so wrong to play bag spotting at sewing events?
This little number belonged to another stitcher there to enjoy the day's activities.

So why do I have a picture as a reminder. I really like the design and may try something similar.

A lovely day spent in good company.

As the days activities finished at 4pm and involved a lot of sitting, sure I did a few stitches but I haven't taken any photo's of those.
I decided a walk was in order before I drove back down the big hill.
All the rain means that Lake Wendouree now has water in it and there is lots of green and the bird's have come back.
Specifically I wanted to take a look at this memorial, which is in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, to Australian Ex-Prisoners of war.

All the names of those held in the many wars Australia has participated in, are inscribed in the low wall at the back. It is a very symbolic sculpture

Hope you had time for creativity and contemplation in your weekend.

Happy Creating


Serenata said...

Gorgeous bag, I can quite understand why you took a photo to remember the style. Sounds like you had a good day. I am off to a Quilting Fair today, should be good :-)

Very interesting sculpture set in a lovely environment by the looks of things. It is so important that these things are remembered.

CurlyPops said...

I do the exact same thing when I'm out and about. I'm always checking out handbags, I just can't help myself!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I suspect non crafty people play jewellery spotting or something when they meet so in my book bag spotting seems perfectly OK. (And that bag is rather beautiful)

Had to laugh at the quilt covered car.

I've been to Ballarat several times. Most of my family originally came from there and I've seen that memorial too.

Sounds like you had a lovely time.

Cardygirl said...

That is a gorgeous bag...looks like you had a great day.

marina said...

I think it is compulsory at a crafty event to check out others bags! THey would want you to notice anyway.
Sounds like you enjoyed all parts of your day.