Friday, December 18, 2009

Where was I?

I am finally making some progress on my Christmas preparation - all I can say is luckily no one is relying on me to feed them!

I was working on some dolls and had the thread box out choosing colours before there was an accident and the box was upside down on the floor - these are the threads that remained in the box...

And these are the threads in a nice pile on the floor - just saves me getting them out of the box I guess. I am going to put them away when I am done later tonight.
Yesterday I spent a lot of time at the sewing machine and made more of these handy little pouches.
Now I am relying on the post people getting them delivered in time - okay so the pressure is on and I know they don't like working so much but we wouldn't want them all napping under the shade of a tree like the one I saw today - that would be why we pay so much for our inefficient post.
I have braved the big shopping place today and believe I am done there are a few items to be completed here but I can do them at my leisure as I do not have many commitments in the next week.
Hope you are all enjoying the last days of creating and celebrating. Have a great weekend.
Happy Crafting


clare's craftroom said...

What a pretty mess of threads ! Your pouches are great , you have some lucky people getting them .

Cathy said...

You are a brave one, posting a picture of your crafting "mess"! Whee! If I did that right now it would be sooo embarrassing ~ the mess is in every room :( Good thing I'm not having any company either.
I sure do LOVE your lil' pouches!! Cute, cute, cute!! :)
Have a happy weekend!
Cathy :)

Serenata said...

At least you can find your embroidery cottons, even if they are a 'mess' - Mine have been 'lost' in the depths of our loft somewhere. Keep asking hubby to try and find them every time he goes up there, but no such luck so far...

jindiscottage said...

Big oops! Oh well, as you say, saves getting them out of the box. Nice little collection of pouches you've got there.