Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I made another snowflake from a different design - but as the only cotton I had was cream I decided to add some paint and glitter to this one to give it some colour - I am really happy with the result. I used Jo Sonya's Satin Varnish to give it a nice finish. I can see some more of these decorations in the near future. And look what I did with the Christmas Tree - It has a home. I sewed it to some fabric and used a white Snow flake button to decorate it.
I am enjoying using softer colours in amongst the regular red and dark green of Christmas.
Now for the decorating of my space. I flicked through a magazine today while waiting for yet another appointment and saw some cool ideas for making tree shapes on the wall - maybe I could put one on the back of the door?
Enjoy your week.
Happy Creating


teresa said...

Love the snowflakes... It is so hot today it would be wonderful if they were real...I'd stitch some up myself. Did they take you long? Great idea painting them and putting on some sparkle.

Jantine said...

Tree on the wall, on a door, that is quite a smart idea. maybe I will borrow it! Please show us what you did!

Leahdis said...

Im loving the snowflake too. Such a great gift tag. I just finished on of michelle's in the round. Using it as a coaster at the moment.

Serenata said...

The snowflake is lovely and the Christmas trees are quite addictive aren't they?

JKW said...

Oh My Gosh, we both do dolls and crochet. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings, Janet