Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How many days till Christmas??

This past Sunday afternoon a group of us gathered at a friends house for Christmas Card making. We had lots of delicious food, just like at Christmas and plenty of inspiration as the host had set up a whole wall with Christmas card ideas - more than 50 cards were displayed. Everybody did their own thing with ideas and techniques being freely shared. I was productive and ended the day with nine completed cards and a number of stamped designs ready to be added to cards. All of my cards are made with hand stamped designs. As these stamps were not from my collection I do not have the brand or designer details, oops. A laid back Aussie santa chilling out after all his hard work!
Rudolf with his nose so bright.
And a more mature card made with a great Christmas tree roller stamp and a multi coloured stamp pad.
I am pleased to have made a start already and hoping that I will be more prepared for Christmas this year.
The post title was the question we were asked upon arrival at the event on Sunday. My guess of 160 was the closest to correct answer.
Hope your week is going well, with lots of homemade loveliness.
Happy Crafting


A Crafty Moment said...


I discovered your blog today and enjoyed your posts. I look forward to following your blog. I saw in your profile that one of your favorite movies is Stand and Deliver. I'm from California and went the the high school that the movie was based on. Isn't that cool. Stop by my blog sometime, I plan to post some Christmas cards on the 25th.

Jindi's Cottage said...

I'm seriously worried about you - this is way too much organisation going on!! Loving Rudolf (hint, hint!) - LOL!