Thursday, April 9, 2015

Just making it up as I go along

You'd think I'd have something to show for my absence but really I have no clue who stole the weeks!
There's been more of a day job in recent times, which really puts a dent in the creating time- okay so it's really all the sitting in the car going nowhere that is taking up my time! Fortunately regular hours resume next week maybe I'll resume regular creating and blogging too?

More hats have been made, some I can't show yet and some I just don't have pictures of. The end of daylight savings and some dull days mean there haven't been very many photo opportunities this week.

These are both made from the same design with different colour sequences and I really do like how they look so different.

I finished a pair of slippers for a friend and gifted them without getting a picture of the pair, I have been advised that they are being kept good by only being worn while the recipient sits in his reading chair. He's convinced they'll wear out if he walks around in them.

There have been crafty get togethers and yarn purchases but as there is no pictorial evidence I may just deny the additional yarn. 

I've enjoyed looking around blogland and seeing all the amazing things you've all been making.

Wishing you cosy time in your creating space.

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marina said...

looks like youa re making a beautiful collection of hats.