Monday, March 2, 2015

New Shiny...

 Home for Nomee - the sewing machine.

A little over a month ago this nifty little number came to live at my house making things just a little tidier in my creating space.
A tidy creating space creates a conundrum for me - do I want to make it messy again?
Sometimes I delay working on things for this reason.
So, Nomee has been getting used to living in the dark space and all has been tidy...
Until it was time to take her out for a little sewing.

Yay! Another almost complete bag - really just needs ironing and a button, 
Maybe this week? 
The bags seem to have been multiplying  - all of these are just waiting for a button.
Guess I'd better get the buttons out and make a bigger mess!

Do you accumulate projects for button choosing/sewing? - seems to be a common occurrence for me, I have two garments awaiting buttons as well as this collection. Ooops.

Do you like your creating space tidy?

Have a  bright week.


Heather S said...

Always good to have a new bag or two. Love the colours.

marina said...

a little bit of mess isn't too painful especially when you get such lovely bagsl
love the crochet handles.
I have a collection of smocked garments just waiting for buttons.... they are on a ufo list.

Fiona said...

Nomee seems to be very comfortable..... I'm afraid my sewing space is always messy and yes I also collect small jobs like buttons to do all at once...

Katherine said...

Your bags are looking fantastic! I love a tidy area mainly because my sewing table is at the end of the kitchen and seen by all who enter lol. Mind you it gets messy when I pull things out to find bits but with a load of tubs that have shelving made to fit it is a quick pack up when everything has been chosen.