Friday, August 22, 2014

Spring is coming

This week was a lot about being out and about...
An excursion to the wool museum at Geelong with friends for the scarf exhibition.
Lots of loveliness to admire there.

On a grey day I visited with the Old people and noticed all the colours in their neighbourhood, as while I live near the beach they live in the hills and the colours are very different there. There is an amazing array of greens in their neighbourhood at present, oh and the wattle is brightening the world too.

The hook has been busy with all the colours making this gorgeous pattern in cotton.
Playing with the special camera effects creating all kinds of fun patterns and getting ideas for future projects.
I made a dent in the basket of colours but now I have small left overs, there may just be more colour play.
I learnt in this project that all the 4 ply cotton yarns are not created the same but they worked together nicely. 
Oh, and the mother generously donated another bag of cotton yarns to the cause! Best get the hook moving faster.

Wishing you all the colours of spring.


marina said...

your blanket is growing beautifully!
great patterns happening with the kaleidescope effect.

mamasmercantile said...

What a stunning blanket with such beautiful colours.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The blanket is gorgeous and what a fabulous kaleidoscope you created with your camera. Cool! It's lovely that you have the beach and the mountains to visit at any given time. Both areas offer much for soul nourishing. Yay for more yarn. And no, not all wool is created equal. But always fun to play. Best wishes, Tammy

Shay said...

That blanket is coming along beautifully!

I seriously cannot wait for the time when we need to put scarves and winter woolies away and we can fully enjoy a riot of colour because that will mean Spring is truly here !