Monday, February 27, 2012

Simply Red Bag

I finally remembered how to finish the handles on the bag I started a few weeks ago and 30 minutes later it was all done, just in time for it's first outing today.

My version of the Simply Chic bag pattern by Colleen Archbold which was published in Handmade magazine Vol 23 No 2.

The instructions are very clear but the handle thing was not working for me - sometimes I just like to make things more difficult than they need to be.

Not only did my red bag survive its first outing it received complimentary comments as well, (my audiologist may soon have a new hobby).

When I got home I finished this little snow piece, quite the opposite of the hot humid weather we have been experiencing here.

Design by Esther over here where there are a number of free cross stitch patterns.

Hope you enjoyed creating today.


Jindi's Cottage said...

Ha ha ha (evil laugh)...come across to the crafty side audiologist...well done on recruiting new crafters (well potentially recruiting a new crafter)...nice bag and cross stitch....

Shay said...

See- you're using your crafty talents for good - not evil and I'm sure the audiologist will thank you. Everyone needs a hobby.

Your bag is fabulous.

They're predicting rain here today but they've been saying that for two days. I suspect weather people speak with forked tongues.

Fiona said...

Great bag... looks liek it can hold lots of treasures...

marina said...

pretty bag and your cross stitch looks super!
What will you turn the piece into?

Cybele's patch said...

The bag is beautiful and so is your cross stitching. Just lovely.