Monday, October 10, 2011

New - yarn and project

Pretty green cotton yarn for a summer top for me and nice soft baby yarn for a new little one.

MsD's first grandchild arrived late September but as he lives somewhere warm I'm thinking I have plenty of time to make a little blanket.

Going with a simple giant granny in three colours, this will be my commute project for as long as it takes to crochet those big balls of yarn.

Fortunately I had the right size hook in my bag so I got started on the way home on the same day I got the yarn, at 50% off - what a deal!

These colours are perfect for a baby boy.

The yarn is an acrylic/nylon mix, it is super soft and easy care.

I really needed to work on a project that is all in one. I already have three projects at the joining stage, I just need a little more at home, awake time to get them connected.
Hope you had a productive Monday and managed to stay dry.


Michelle Ridgway said...

It will be beautiful for a little guy. It looks so lovely and soft too.

marina said...

lovely project. It's so relaxing just going around the block.
I love the mauve squares you showed in the previous post. They are great.

barb's creations said...

Love the soft colours for your baby blanket :) Barb.

Shay said...

You're hooking your heart out! Such lovely things ...I wish I had your crochet talent.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Nice colours going on there...the blankie looks like it is going to be very soft and snuggly...