Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sewing with children

I had two of my neices here earlier this week and we did some sewing together, unfortunately I did not get any pictures, I hope to catch up with them again before they go home on Saturday. On the way back to grandmas house we stopped for some retail therapy and Miss 12 decided that she would like to try making her own patchwork quilt. She made some fabric purchases and when we got to grandmas we started to cut out rectangles, she is hoping to make a start on the sewing before they fly home. I found out this week that Sam and Suzi starfish have gone to a good home. These critters were dropped as part of The Toy Society Christmas, and I am pleased that they are appreciated by the finders. I have started working on the fluffy thing but have been going a bit slower this week with lots of socialising with family. I will be back soon with some photos to show. Happy Crafting


affectioknit said...

Those stuffies are so cute - I enjoyed visiting your blog!

Chiloe said...

Thanks for stopping by ;-)

I love the red starfish. You are very talented (I don't know how to sew ...)

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

i love your starfish. what do you use to stuff your creations? the same stuff you used to stuff Miss Violet? I'd love to know what you use. I've made a few stuffed dolls before but I've never been able to get them as firm as Miss VIolet and I'd love to know how. Makes for better sturdy and durability. Thanks,