Monday, October 27, 2014

Finishing all the footwear...

This was a sock pattern that I just had to make up - and when I had these leftovers available it seemed the perfect time had come. I really enjoyed knitting these up even if the yarn presented some issues as it likes to stick to itself which slows things down when trying to use 2 colours.
You'll recognise the dark one from the Father's socks I completed last month, the fog colour was a friends leftovers.

Eisern design by General Hogbuffer in Regia design line - eggplant and fog
A pretty pair of anklets with a lace fold down cuff. I made these in size small so they knit up very quickly compared with the usual large size I make. There will be a bigger pair soon.
Layna Anklets in Bendigo Athena 4 ply Ice Blue (I really did pick up a big bag of this last month)
Getting ready for some summer fun - I hooked up a couple of pairs of the barefoot sandals in cotton with my 1.5 mm hook.

These are perfect for dressing up feet without wearing shoes.
No purpose other than fun.

Hope your week is off to a fun start.

Monday, October 20, 2014


I recently participated in a swap over on Ravelry for a little something handmade with yarn. Oh, and some little extras too.

I got lucky with this gorgeous cowl and hat set knit especially for me and some yarn to keep me busy for the next little while, well after I get through some of the current projects.

These are the other goodies that turned up in my box - pretty buttons, a bookmark, lip balm, hand cream and a gorgeous and practical bag.
All of it is lovely!
Of course I had fun putting together a little package too, included were the blanket you've seen here before and the finished Nessy Pecker.

I put my sewing machine to work to make a project bag from some Australiana fabric that was taking up space in the cupboard and made a matching little pouch for keeping the little things all together in there.
Two of the coasters that have been flying off my hook lately also made the trip.
All these goodies are now happily residing in their new home. 

Hope you found a little spot of sunshine today.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Because apparently one is not enough

I started another sock.

This time I'm making an old fashioned anklet just in time for some warmer weather.

Wishing you a sun shiny weekend.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ooh Look!

That would be one sock with just the toe graft to go!

Yarn Regia design line - Kaffe in Eggplant and fog
Eisern design by General Hogbuffer, with my modifications in the twisted stitch section where I was too big for my 'Socks' thinking I knew what came next and not checking the chart for details. It all worked out in the end and the fit is perfect.
 A successful weekend knitting project.
Wondering if one is enough?

Happy Monday

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Works in progress...

So I've been flitting around in and out of the craft space without achieving much at all!

The purple pecker is still a work in progress though it is nearing completion. Just a little more assembly and embroidery - maybe there will be a finish this week?

A new sock project started a week ago using leftover's from the most recent socks made for the father and a friends leftovers of the same yarn in an alternate colourway.
Yarn - Regia design line in eggplant and fog, Pattern - Eisern by General Hogbuffer
The sock itself is not a challenge but the combination of yarn and mostly working on this while out and about has presented it's own problems - dropped stitches in this yarn are difficult to retrieve. There have been many dropped stitches so far!

I've been busy in the sewing space too, now that the sun is putting in a more regular appearance.
So far it has been all about the cutting but I'm confident a whole day at home would ensure good progress on these pieces. We'll see how long it really takes.

Hope your week has been colourful.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hearts and flowers for spring

 A couple of weeks back a bag of crochet cotton came into my possession. It just happened to be something I had been looking out for, a lovely range of 1970's colours in a thin weight. I thought they would work well for an ageing project that's been patiently waiting for a little injection of colour. I haven't yet pulled out said aged project but I decided to have a play with some of the colours anyway.

A little Christmas crafting.
What about three colours together?

Pretty new coasters for Spring in all the colours.
Various crochet cottons, most unlabeled, and my 1.5mm hook - using Mandala pattern found here.

These have been multiplying while I neglect to finish all the half started things.

I hope I have some colours left for the ageing project when I'm done with these little beauties!
Would you use these on your table?

There's something new growing in my project bag too - among the neglected projects.

Wishing you all the colours in your creative place this week.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The long and winding yarn...

Starting with a vision to make a warm, cosy garment suitable for multiple seasons, easily topping one or several layers, I used repurposed yarn to make myself a cape, which subsequently attracted a Lot of attention. 
Beginning a journey that I had not previously considered.
Easily my most worn item of clothing this year. 
I honestly had no intention of knitting more than one for me (I really am that selfish) but with much encouragement (and a little pleading) the idea grew into something about more than me! An opportunity to share my love or yarn, knitting, cables and making things generally.

Lots of time spent day dreaming and carrying yarn and needles ensued, opinions were sought, ideas discussed and progress made.

A fellow yarn enthusiast allowed me to use some of her yarn to make a second improved model, that was simpler to execute but similar enough to the original to be perceived as the same.

Kym chose not to have a hood so a collar was made with the remaining yarn.
The hood design was completely redone from the original to make something that provided a good fit, including the ability to stay put in the wind and was easy to knit. Nothing like a challenge to keep the needles clicking.
The finished cape, modeled by me on a sunny day in September.
The simple cable braid is knit as part of the main body and continues along the lower edge knit and attached directly to the lower body piece.
I could look at this picture of the back all day, all those cables twisting and turning on there way to their destination in a perfect setting in the sunshine.

Approximately 930 rows and 60 hours of loveliness.
The long and winding yarn is worth every minute I devoted to this project in the past seven months, I have learnt a lot and met even more generous creative types who are willing to share their skills and knowledge. 
The pattern has been successfully test knit, meaning there are other's just like these already being enjoyed daily.
The pattern is now available for purchase, Kallan Cape, if you are inclined to make your own cape for throwing on when you walk out the door. 

Wishing you all a successful week in your corner.

I understand if you've been coming here for any length of time there are no new pictures here but they are part of my success story.